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SPC Sorbent Products - Spill Containment - Spill Pallets
Whether you are looking to comply with governmental secondary containment regulations or just want the security of knowing your facility is protected, SPC spill pallets offer ample capacity (even if an entire drum empties into the unit.) Available in both a two-drum and four-drum configuration, the pallets offer up to 128.9 gallons of containment - far superior to other 4-drum pallets on the market.
SPC Spill Pallets
SPC Spill Pallets Optional ramp works with both the two-drum and four-drum spill pallets Spill Pallets
Pallet with Optional Ramp
Purchase PrimaSorb pads - made especially for the SPC spill pallets
Make better use of plant, warehouse, or trailor space with "nestable" units.
Part Number Description External Dim. Sump Cap. Load Cap. Weight
Add part number SC-DP2 to your Quote. SC-DP2 Spill Pallet, 2 drum 26" x 52" x 17" 68.7 gallon 2500 lbs 46.4 lbs
Add part number SC-DP4 to your Quote. SC-DP4 Spill Pallet, 4 drum 52" x 52" x 17" 128.9 gallon 5000 lbs 88.54 lbs
Add part number SC-DPR to your Quote. SC-DPR Ramp 32.5" x 70"   650 lbs 47.5 lbs
Add part number PS500 to your Quote. PS500 PRIMASORB Pallet Pad 20" x 20"