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Brady BMP®41 Label Printer Applications

  The BMP®41 Portable Label Printer by Brady!    
Brady BMP41 Portable  Label Printers
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Add part number BMP41-KIT to your Quote. BMP41-KIT   BMP®41 Label Printer Standard Package
Add part number BMP41-KIT-HC to your Quote. BMP41-KIT-HC   BMP®41 Label Printer Standard Package with Hard Case
Printer Bundle Kits Available - See BMP�41 Portable Label Printer Kits Link ***
Brady BMP®41 Label Printer Applications
The BMP®41 portable Label Printer is a mid-range handheld labeling solution that can print up to 300 labels per day. Not only that, but it can print die-cut or continuous labels up to 1" wide. This printer is a rugged device that withstands harsh conditions. Whether it is sweltering or frigid, it will get the job done where you need it. Also, it is built with additional protection to survive falls of up to six feet high. With an ergonomic design, long rechargeable battery life and easy-to-use features, this printer is engineered for the worker on-the-go. BMP®41 Label Printer is a registered trademark of Brady Worldwide, Inc. BMP41 Label Printer
BMP41 Portable Label Printer
Brady BMP®41 Portable Label Printer - Applications
  • Wire wrap ID
  • Self-laminating wire & cable marking
  • Terminal block marking
  • Heat shrink sleeve wire harness ID
  • Control and electrical panel labeling
  • Wire flag labeling
  • Fuse box labeling
  • Component ID
  • Rating plate labeling
Voice & Datacomm:
  • Basic cable ID
  • Cable and fiber optic flag labeling
  • Patch panel labeling
  • Faceplate labeling
  • Workstation labeling
  • Punch block labeling
  • General equipment ID
Product ID, Work-in-Progress, Panel ID:
  • Bar code labeling
  • Rating plate labeling
  • Serial plate labeling
  • Tamper resistant labeling
Facility, Safety and Lean Labeling:
  • Indoor and outdoor facility labeling
  • Graphic, instructional and warning labels
  • Bin, storage and general industrial labeling
  • Bar code labels for drawers and shelves
  • Visual equipment and lean labels
  • 5S labels
  • Asset ID