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NTE Electronics RLY400 Series Definite Purpose Contactors
NTE Electronics
Definite Purpose Contactors
RLY400 Series, Definite Purpose, 3PST-DM, 25 Amp, Magnetic Contactors
RLY530 Series, Definite Purpose, 30 FLA, 1-, 2-, and 3-Pole Contactors
RLY540 Series, Definite Purpose, 40 FLA, 1-, 2-, and 3-Pole Contactors
RLY550 Series, Definite Purpose, 50 FLA, 3-Pole NO Contactors
RLY600 Series, Definite Purpose, 40 Amp, 3PST-DM Contactors
Motor Reversing Contactors
RLY700 Series, Compact Motor Reversing Contactors, 15 Amp, 6-Pole-DM (3 Per Coil)
RLY400 Series, Definite Purpose, 3PST-DM, 25 Amp Magnetic Contactors
NTE RLY455 Definite Purpose Contactor D79 Diagram
  • 3PST, 25 Amp
  • Straight Through Wiring
  • Heavy Duty
  • Universal Mounting Plate
Contact Diagram
Part Number Coils Contacts Diag. No.
Input Voltage Nom. Power Contact Arr. Max. Contact Cur.@ 600 VAC
Add part number RLY455 to your Quote. RLY455 120 VAC 10 VA 3PST-DM 25A D79
Motor Ratings in Amps
Full Load Locked Rotor Resistive Rating (Elect. Heat)
@ 600VAC @ 240VAC @ 480VAC @ 600VAC @ 600VAC
25A 150A 125A 100A 30A
Motor Horsepower Ratings
Motor Type @ 120VAC @ 240VAC @ 440-600VAC
1Ø2P 1.5 HP 3.0 HP -
3Ø3P 3.0 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP
Electrical Specifications
Tungsten Lamp Rating 30A, 277VAC
Electric Discharge Lamp Rating 30A, 277VAC
Heavy Duty Pilot Rating 720VA, 120-600VAC (Box lug nut accessory limits voltage to 277VAC)
Min. Load Current 1 Amp @120VAC
Duty Continuous
Power - Inrush 40VA
Power - Steady State 10VA
Duty Continuous
Operational Characteristics
Timing Value - Operate Time 25 ms
Timing Value - Release Time 25 ms
Insulation Characteristics
Initial Breakdown Voltage 2200V RMS
Environmental Characteristics
Operating -55°C to +65°C
Mechanical 2,000,000 Operations
Electrical 500,000 Operations @ Full Load
Note: It is not recommended to mount or operate contactors upside down.
Accessories for the RLY400 Series
RLY9201 RLY9204
Add part number RLY9201 to your Quote. RLY9201 Add part number RLY9204 to your Quote. RLY9204
Dual .250" Quick Connect Terminals Box Lug (Max. Wire Size #14 AWG)
RLY9205 RLY9206
Add part number RLY9205 to your Quote. RLY9205 Add part number RLY9206 to your Quote. RLY9206
Replacement Contacts Auxiliary Switch (SPDT)
10A @ 250 VAC