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Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks
Part Number: Add part number 1013400000 to your Quote. 1013400000
WTR 2.5 D (with StB 2.3)
Representative Photo

Technical Information    

Clamping Type Screw Clamp
Series W Series
Rail Type TS 35
Function Disconnect
Configuration Plug
Wire Size #22...12 AWG
Current 10 A
Voltage 300 V
Color/Material Beige Wemid
Special Requirements with 2 StB 2.3, with wire link

Technical Data
Rated Voltage 300 V 300 V 500 V
Rated Current 10.0 A 10.0 A 16 A
Wire Size #22...12 AWG #26...12 AWG 2.5 mm²

Additional Data

Width/Length/Height mm (in.) 5/60/49 (.2"/2.36"/1.93")
Insulation Stripping Length mm (in.) 10 (.39")
Torque Nm (lb. in) 0.8 (7.1)
Clamping Screw M 2.5
Flammability Class UL 94 (V0)

Suggested Accessories

Diode plug
End plate/partition (WAP/WTW)
Markers (SchT)
Marking pens
Marking system (WS/ZS)
Marking tags (DEK)
Mounting brackets
QL jumpers
Test plugs/socket