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Discrete Optocouplers
Part Number: Add part number 9915700000 to your Quote. 9915700000
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Technical Information    

Rail Type Combi Foot
Input Voltage 24 VDC / 120 VAC
Module Type Terminal Block
Number of Channels 1
Maximum Output Current 100 mA
LED Color Green
Housing Type DK5O

Additional Data

Positive/Negative Switching Type Positive
Input Current 4.5 mA or 3.5 mA
Power Consumption (Watts/DC) 600 mW
Turn ON (Voltage/Current) 4 mA (24 VDC) 3.5 mA (120 VAC)
Operative Time ON 2.5 ms
Operative Time OFF 5.0 ms
Status Indicator (LED) Green
Voltage Output 30 VDC
Switching Frequency Maximum 400 Hz DC or 8 Hz AC
Dielectric Strength Input to Output 2.5 kV
Dielectric Strength Terminals to DIN-Rail 2.5 kV
Storage Temperature Range -25°C...+70°C
Operating Temperature Range 0°C...+55°C
Wire Size #20...12 AWG
0.5...2.5 mm²
Clamp Screw Tightening Torque Nm ( 0.5 (4.38)
Mechanical Dimensions (WxLxH) mm (in.) 6/77/62 (.24"/3.03"/2.44")
Insulation Stripping Length mm (in.) 9 (.35")
Polarity Protection Yes
Certifications CSA

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