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Magnum Series Add This Part to your Quote. NDNLFD1 Fused Disconnect Terminal Blocks

      with visual indicator* for blown fuse


Ratings: 30A, 600V; UL/CSA
15A, 600V; CSA
15A, 600V

Number of poles: 1

Fuse size: 1/4" x 1-1/4"
BCC recommends Buss AGC,
MDL or equivalent.

Circuit jumper: JF1, 2 circuits
Wire size: AWG #8-22 CU
Mounting options: 35mm DIN rail, C-rail
Marking tape: MT12-1/2
Torque rating: 18 in/lb max.
Operating temperature: 105°C

*Visual indicator for blown fuse is neon or incandescent bulb, depending on voltage. Specify voltage required.