Connex Connector part specification data
Part Number : Add part number 47-10190 to your Quote. 47-10190
Connector Guide: N/A
Cable Groups: N/A
Die Cavities: See Below
Description: Pneumatic Crimp Tool

This pneumatic-powered crimp tool makes production termination for coaxial cable easy, efficient and precise. Our compact (less than 20 pounds) unit is hand-actuated. The dual-position feet allow for horizontal or vertical loading for maximum production line efficiency. The manually-activated mode is adaptable to either right- or left-hand operation. The connector/cable loading mechanism is spring loaded to help keep hands away from the work area during the crimp cycle. The die holder is compatible with industry-standard die sets from Connex, Ideal Industries, Paladin and Sargent. The adjustable crimp height allows for termination of coaxial cable, as well as discrete wire terminations, with appropriate dies for custom crimp applications.

Die sets are available here.