Series 265 - "Card-Lok"Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmark Series 265 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmarkoffers the new narrow, advance design Series 265 "Card-Lok" retainerfor cold plate/heat exchanger applications. This totally new and unique designincorporates design advancements that provide increased thermal transfer, easyinsertion, lighter weight and now closer center-to-center board spacing.


  • Narrow design permits closerboard spacing.
  • Maximum uniform clamping force.
  • Increased thermal transfer.
  • Maintains wedge and bodyalignment for easy insertion.
  • Captivated rear wedge.
  • Choice of screw head style.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Lower cost - Faster delivery.
  • Special lengths, finishes orother design variations available on request.
Calmark Series 265 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmark Series 265 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)