Series 245 - "Card-Lok"Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmark Series 245 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmarkoffers the Series 245 "Card-Lok" Retainer for cold plate-heatexchanger applications. A maximum efficiency heat sinking PC card retaineroffered to retrofit the Series 225 but uses a 6-32 screw to provide greaterclamping force and load capacity.


  • MaximumReliability
    Screw-actuated wedge action locks PC cards in place.
  • Maximum ThermalTransfer
    Wedge-action design provides maximum contact between thermal paths on PC cardand the heat sink surface.
  • High Resistance toShock & Vibration
    Wedge-action design locks PC card in place to provide maximum resistance toshock and vibration.
  • Zero Insertion &Extraction Forces
    Screw-actuation provides zero insertion and extraction forces on PC card.
  • DesignFlexibility
    Special lengths, finishes or other design variations available on request.
Calmark Series 245 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)
Calmark Series 245 - "Card-Lok" Retainer (Cold Plate)